Here are some pics of my work room, it is not tidy ;-) and very small. 
Sorry for the poor pics but its the best i can do for now..

Here is a first shot of the room. To the left, you can see various coils for my experiments.


To the left, again you can see the test coils at the back of the room. In the    
center of the image you can see my main secondary coil.


top left you can see the size of the wire reels i use. Also in the middle the green/yellow wires are for the primary connection.


Another coil view. There is copper pipe behind the radiator with foil on the end. I just use this for a arc point. Its better for the arc to hit that than the light above the coil ;-)


Here you can see my desk, just junk of there at the moment , it never really gets used. To the far left you can just make out my 2 rolled capacitors. Each is rated about about 5Kv 20nf.

To the far left you can see my new 100" high coil. I have 2 of these. I plan to test these soon. I mention these for the transmitter tests i wish to try. The 4 black boxes are my 4 flate plate capacitors. Each is rated about 20Kv at 3nf each.

The coil in the background was made about 80" high on 6.3" tube. it was wound with 0.4mm wire. I made this as i wanted to try MOT powered coil but i never tried this coil and never finished the supply. Its also to big to try here anyway. Just in front of that is my scope.

Here is my small power supply i built years ago. it will tell you voltage and current. range from 1 to 45 volts, 1 amp both sides. Basic design with the LM317T regulator. I was building a more powerfull version with digital readouts but i never finished the project as at the time i was building audio amps so i needed power supply, my interests moved so thats why it never was finished. you might be able to make out the similar case at the back of the room on the top shelf :) The tube light , apprt from lighting up the floor so i can see what i am doing, it also gives a indication to the tuneing of the coil. When it lights up the best, its means i am about in tune.

To the right is another primary coil. Just to the left of that is my new capacitor bank. This holds 20 caps each are 250nf each, 5KVDC. I will link them all in series for about 16nf at higher voltage. Just to the left of that, is a much larger primary coil. I used this when i was testing large coils made with plastic covered wire.

Here you can see one of my NST. It is 10Kv 37/52ma , I have 2 of these in parallel.


Here is my experimental rotary sparkgap. Noting complicated, just a old vacumm cleaner motor with a large plastic disc. The disc has many dome head nuts for the spark gaps ( contacts ).

Here you can see much better the primary of the transmitter coil. Again the flat primary coil and the yellow/green power cable.

Here you can see another view of the larger primary coil.


This is just about all i have in my room. As you can see i am very limited on space but i try to do as much as i can. I hope to make this page better soon.....