Here are some close-up shots from my Rotary sparkgap...

Here is new modified Sparkgap.  On the right the normal contacts. To the left 
are the new contacts.  You can see that the contacts on the left are aligned
but the ones on the right are not. Left contacts will operate first which will 
charge the primary capacitor. These contacts will then break. Then the contacts
on the right will align and now capacitor charge will be dumped onto primary coil.
Oscilations will take place while the right contacts are aligned. As the contacts
become close lower chaged oscilations will pass until capacitor charge is almost
nothing.  Now capacitor has almost no charge. Not enough to pass over the contacts.
Now the left contacts will start to align. Current from the Transformer will now 
charge the capacitor..... and so on...

This new design will ensure that the NST is not connected while oscilations are 
running. Once oscilations have no more power, the NST will be connected to charge 
the capacitor.  Then when capacitor has charge, NST is disconected.