Proposed IGBT/MOSFET Gate Driver

(Still undergoing construction and modifications - circuit not yet finalized) 


As I have little money and time to devote to experimentation and rebuilding, I wanted to build a beefy gate driver that could be used for all kinds of solid state based coils, including CW and interrupted varieties, running any kind of switches. I wanted to be able to run the driver off single or dual complementary inputs, depending on the feedback and interrupt scheme I was employing. It had to be cheap and easy to assemble from parts I could source locally. Based on HVGUYs 10kW driver, it should prove indestructible.

Click here to see the first schematic (NOW OBSOLETE!)

(You may need to save the image to view it properly)


After conversing extensively with Steve Connor and Jan Wagner, it was decided that the capacitors across the MOSFET gates would probably not prevent shoot-through, as although they increase turn off times, they would also reduce turn on times, canceling any positive effects. So these are to be removed in the final circuit, which can be seen here. A better description of the circuit will be placed here soon........

Click here to see the final schematic

(You may need to save the image to view it properly)