Messing With The Lava :)

On saturday morning, 8.23.2002......

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Lava! our first sight of it....
Got the smart idea to use the flash :) nice picture.
Travis poking at the lava with our metal rod (actually a weed eater shaft :).
Metal rod with some already hard lava on it...
That stuff sure does harden fast, if you don't get to the red stuff, its very hard to break through.
Very hot flow, we couldn't get close enough to collect any of this lava...
Same as above but with the flash :) what a difference...
Me! shielding myself from the heat, it is really intense.
Small piece of lava that I managed to pull from the mass.
More new lava seeping out from under the quickly hardening flow.
Travis pulling back a partially hardened section, letting the red stuff loose :).
Here is the chunk he got.
(we got the idea to bend our rod into a hook, that's why we were able to pull off more)
Travis doing something....
Me pulling back on a fairly hardened section...
The result :) the rod was bending under the weight of that mass... And I had to wait for the camera flash to charge up again after the previous shot......
Nice looking flow... looks like its going down a small hill.
Travis heating up the rod to who knows what temperature... We think that was what removed our hook from the end of the rod :)
Him standing in front of the oncoming flow. But don't worry, it moves very slowly. I'm sure he was feeling the heat though.
Me doing the same, although with a little more light.




































































*The digital camera has a few issues... I'm not sure if I can really blame it, but if there isn't much light then it leaves the shutter open for 1/2 second, were as with the flash and stuff it's only open for 1/200 of a second... That is what caused the blurriness, I think a tripod would have fixed this, but as you may have already seen, we weren't exactly 100% prepared :).

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