Camping Trip to Apua Point

Some friends and I went camping down at apua point for two nights on spring break. This page is mostly the pictures that i took with my digital camera of our hike and where we camped. There were about 60 pictures in all so these are just the best ones of them all.

All pics are clickable.

On the way in we stoped to rest for a few minutes.
Getting closer, you can see the peninsula at the middle left
Me standing ontop of a rock bridge
We made it !! this is a side view of the bay
Here are the waves pounding the shore
Our little camp site, we were the only people there on saturday so we picked the best spot. You can also see Pat who took us campoing.
The fairly large tide pool with lots of coral and fish living in it, there was even an octapus that shot ink at us :)
The "Lua" as every one in the guest book refered to the porta potty. also known as the Sun Mar NE
Travis on the left and Kyle on the right waiting for our stuff to dry out.
The tent drying on some rocks after everything got soaked when it rained at 3:00 in the morning.

More drying going on.

The cocanut tree in the middle of this pic is growing out of a small lava tube filled with freshwater.
Kyle and Travis hiking out on the third day.
Same as above.
The nice clouds that saved us from the burning hot sun on the way out :)

If your wondering why there arent more pics of me its because i was the one taking all the pictures.

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© Chester Lowrey March 27 2001