I originally created the first kilovolt2000 web site back sometime 1999 when I was in the 10th grade. I basically wanted to document all of my electronic hobbies and share what I had built and created with others on the Internet. As I got more in depth with my various high voltage interests, taking electronic courses at my high school, and entering electronic competitions, I realized that there was not alot of information about tesla coils/high voltage electronics out there. Obviously this isn't the case now. In any event this led me to want to create an easy to navigate, and visually to-the-point website dedicated to showing others my works in this field. I probably haven't updated anything on this website in over 4 years now. This is due to my schooling, working, and my current main interest as a musician. I still find anything involving computers and electronics extremely fascinating and will probably end up in the field later in life. However my addiction to the guitar and music industry has left this side of my life on hold for now. Thanks for your interest.

-Dane Currie

January 28th 2007