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The photos can never show how much fun we are having!

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The weekend of 9/16/00 I decided to run the coil INSIDE my house and have a little partly to go along with it.  Nothing was damaged and the coil ran beautifully in the still air inside the living room.  I managed to get a few solid 60" arcs to the ceiling.   All electronics within 20 ft were disconnected and relocated to prevent damage.  All photos by Scott Hanson.  As usual, I was too busy playing with the coil...

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Several members of the kVA crew and I were researching coloring arcs by placing various chemicals on the end of a corona point when I got bored and decided to just set stuff on fire on top of the toroid.  After playing around with flowers, wood, etc, an interesting effect was discovered by placing burning cardboard on top of the toroid.  Carbon particles flow off the flame and make neat little sparkles in the arcs.  They also seem to gravitate back to the toroid and interact with the base of the arc. The quality of this picture is terrible since I was holding the camera in hand, but it serves to crudely demonstrate the effect that we noticed.   The effect was more prominent with the coil running at low power.  More experimentation is in order.


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Beautiful picture of Beth, my Fiancee, in the cage of death!  (Brian's coil is on the left and mine is on the right)
I'm so lucky - not only does she tolerate my bizarre hobbies, she actually thinks its "cute"!
This pic was taken by Kevin Ottalini.  You can see more here:

Photos taken at Brian Basura's house on 1/23/00.  We spent the day doing pulse discharge experiments such as quarter shrinking and fooled around a bit with the Faraday cage at the end of the day.  CLICKABLE

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Mad Scientist / Stuntman Ross Overstreet dominates the cage! Got a little more exposure time on Bruce Basura's trip Someone moved their head... Brian's coil is really cooking in this photo.  Note the gnd strike!

Here are the latest pics taken at Brain Basura's house on 9/xx/99.  The scans are a bit washed out.  The actual photos look a lot better.  All pics were taken with 200 speed film and an f-stop between 2.8 and 4.  They are all time exposures with the shutter held open for 2 secs.  Note that the edges of the toroids are about 6 ft apart.  Note that Alan's secondary is on fire in the lower right photo.  Alan took it like a man and ran to destruction.  CLICKABLE



This is a picture of the Overstreet Coil and Basura Coil at Brian Basura's House on 2/26/99
I set a new arc length record of 47 inches at Brian's house!  We had a blast!  We must have ran coils for 3 hours...  almost went deaf from all the noise.  Brian is a great guy and true Tesla coil craftsman.  Check out Brian's page.  All pictures below are "clickable".  Click for a larger image.

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