July 8, 2000.  This is a view of about half of the coils as everyone was setting up!  

It's over, and we had a BLAST!

Pictures by Ross Overstreet

Pictures by Kevin Ottalini

Pictures by Scott Hanson

Pictures by Peter Ledlie

Pictures by Robbie Rhodes

Pictures by Jody Kravitz

Link to Dan Krones SCT 2K pics

Coilers E-mail Address Home Town Equipment on Display
Brian Basura & Bruce Basura brian.basura@unistudios.com Acton, CA 6" PT powered coil, Mini-Twin bipolar coil, The Cage                            
Ross Overstreet ross-o@mindspring.com Huntington Bch, CA 6" E-NST powered coil, Pulse cap
Kevin Ottalini ottalini@mindspring.com San Jose, CA  3kw DC driven TC, 36" tall, 6.5" dia, 1000bps ASRG; 10X Marx generator
Fred Peters fpeters@mindspring.com Panorama City, CA Tesla Coil <details>
Fred Scarberry w/ Tim Ferrell Bakersfield, CA PT powered Tesla Coil
Scott Hanson Sierrapk@net999.com Laguna Niguel, CA Small Bipolar coil, 6" NST powered coil
Paul & Pat Healey PHAV8R@aol.com Riverside, CA 4" x 30" 15/60 NST powered coil with glass plate cap
David Mcnamee tungsten@subsonic.com Bakersfield, CA  8" x 28" 12kV 240mA NST coil
Kynan Chambers zephyr@subsonic.com Bakersfield, CA  small coil:  3" x 12"secondary,  9kV 30mA NST powered 
Mike Church churchmon@aol.com Bakersfield, CA  2 table top coils,  4.5" coil, 8" coil
Dale Hall Dale.Hall@trw.com Redondo Beach, CA 1 watt, battery powered, single shot TC capable of a 2 foot arcs every 3 secs!
Brad Lewis  & Dan Krones bsldesign@home.com . 6" Coil with homebrew PE and aluminum cap, rotary spark gap
Jim Lux jimlux@jpl.nasa.gov Pasadena, CA Small Tesla Coil
Trent Mullins  neontrent@earthlink.net Salt Lake City, UT  6" 15/120 NST driven coil with "Fair Radio" Mica Capacitor
Wayne Tang lepton5@earthlink.net Irvine, CA Flyback Transformer with Voltage Multiplier
Matt Brehend  electronxlc@earthlink.net Diamond Bar, CA 3kW coil with a digitally controlled SRSG
Richard & Susan
& Robin Silvera
rgsilvera@earthlink.net Tujunga, CA Huge Van DeGraff generator (homebrew), food = vegetarian baked beans with sauted onion
Charles Sprinkle
teravolt@venturalink.net Ventura, CA Small Telsa Coil (4" x 18" secondary)
David Draper & Jonathan Mills-Klatt ddraper@subsonic.com Bakersfield, Ca. 14" VanDe Graaf Generator (homebrew)
Denis Despins BillEaver@aol.com Whittier, CA Exploding wire capacitor experiment
Alan Yang Megavolt121@aol.com Los Angeles, CA 6" tesla coil with MMC capacitor

Total coilers to date =   25         Coils to date = 25        Pulse Caps =  2           Electrostatic or other HV Experiments  = 2

HV Enthusiast E-mail Address   Home Town
Mike & Kay Basura stlrwdy@email.msn.com Los Angeles, CA
Matt Schaaf & Kyle Schaaf
Mark West & Taylor West
MattSchaaf@aol.com CA
Steve and Fay Cole stcole@deltanet.com Crestline, CA
Jeff W. Parisse  jparisse@teslacoil.com Torrance, CA
Bill Wysock wysock@ttr.com Monrovia, CA
Peter Ledlie PSLedlie@aol.com Phoenix, AZ
Jeff Walker walker@walker.net Santa Clarita, CA
Phillip Peterson 
& his Bro.
phill@iname.com Redlands, CA
Phillip Heslin  &
Daron Moody
pheslin@home.com San Diego, CA
Mike Ames &
Jack Couture
ames@foxtail.com San Diego, CA
Gene Waldo gwaldo@1stnetusa.com N. Pacoima, CA
Jody Kravitz &
Derek Kravitz
kravitz@foxtail.com Julian, CA
Mari & Marissa Ferrell (w/ Tim) LTM@subsonic.com Bakersfield, CA
John Jackson w/ Tim Ferrell Bakersfield, CA
Ron & Jane Luthy JaneM@thegrid.net Nipomo, CA
Tim Ferrell LTM@subsonic.com Bakersfield, CA
Mike Loftus loftusm@ix.netcom.com Mission Viejo, CA
Beth Ford &
Jason Shire
w/ Ross Overstreet Huntington Bch, CA
Kyle Break & his Bro.  break7@juno.com LaCanada, CA
Jim Egbert hiwayguy@earthlink.net Santa Clarita, CA
Jon Rosenstiel jonr@pacbell.net Anaheim, CA
Jeffrey McCann
Palmdale CA.
Ed Scheidler w/ jonr@pacbell.net Anaheim, CA
Mike Brown & 
Mike Brown Jr.
resthoop@yahoo.com Gardena, CA
John Gordon jgordon@usc.edu Los Angeles, CA
Franklin Londin &  guest flondin@earthlink.net Los Angeles, CA
Alberta Chu & 2 friends asktv@futureculture.org Los Angeles, CA
Rob Humphrey &
Ann Royce
singledad92@hotmail.com Ventura, CA
Jack Despins Jjabedes@aol.com Lapalma, Ca
John Lybrand JoLybr@aol.com Rowland Hts, Ca
Ken Brown n6kb@fix.net .
Ronn Duke & Devon Duke Dukester@home.com El Cajon, CA
Jeff White & Ryan White dan@krones.net .
Mark Chagaris Mark.Chagaris@sphinx-group.com .
Eric Cartier XTRMATI2D@aol.com .
Robbie Rhodes &
Josef Prekpalaj
editor@foxtail.com Etiwanda CA
Wesley & Ralph Bartera &
Lisa B. Spinelli and guest
wesleys@earthlink.net LaCanada, CA
Nick Ritter nick.ritter@excite.com Los Angeles, CA
Michael & Franny LaViolette WTE@webtv.net Culver City, CA
Gary Legel  & 2 daughters 1306 Sheppard Dr, 92831 Fullerton, CA

Total HV Enthusiast (who  RSVP'ed = 68).  The total number of attendees was around 150 as the coils powered up!

Ross Overstreet <ross-o@mindspring.com>

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