Tesla Coils built by Ed Wingate

Ed is in the process of building a web page.  He graciously let me display some of his photos until his page is online.

 Ed's Lab.

Wow, Look at that floor space!  When I grow up,
 I'm gonna have a shop just like Ed's!

Ed's Asynchronous Rotary Spark Gap (ASRG)

Ed is well known in the Tesla Community for his precision balanced G10 rotary spark gaps.  Here are a couple of examples.

--Ed's Description--
I use Graingers #2M145 which is a 1/2 HP 0-10000 RPM, ball bearing, AC-DC 120V Universal motor with a 3/8" shaft. The current price from Graingers is $128.40. They aren't cheap, but I have used this motor on dozens of 10" rotary gaps I have built for myself and others with zero problems. Although these motors will run an either AC or DC, they run much cooler on DC.

--Ed's Description--

G-10 is absolutely the best and safest material with which to build a rotor. I dead stopped a 1/2" X 11" G-10 rotor in less than a second, in a 3600 RPM 2HP synchronous gap by shearing off the 1/2" solid tungsten electrodes and the rotor only had minor cracks around the electrode holes. The 5/8" motor shaft was bent, as were my nerves, but the rotor survived.
Ahhh, the joys of prototyping!

Ed's Twin Tesla Coil

Don't try this at home kids!  
(Really a Double Exposure, always stay away from the arcs)

wingate2.jpg (693850 bytes)
Click on this image for a MUCH larger version

Ed's Magnifier and Power Supply Circuitry

  wingate1.jpg (768136 bytes) 
Click for a MUCH larger image

Ed Wingate may be reached at  ewing7@rochester.rr.com
Let me know if you have any problems with the page, ross-o@mindspring.com

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