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> Apparently, your math is off. 5.625 joules = 5.625 watts,
Not in this universe. joules does not = watts any more than miles per hour = miles.
Joules and miles are quantities (energy and distance). Watts and mph are the RATES at which the quantities are being expended. The 5.625 joules, if and only if expended over exactly one second, yeilds 5.625 watts of power.
> if we fire 5.625 watts per bang at 120 a second, that yields a much more
> conservative 795 watts per second.
5.625 Joules per bang X 120 bang/sec= 675 joules/sec = 675 watts.
 Watts per second would be the rate at which  energy use was accelerating, but that has no meaning in this context.
> Can't quite figure out where you derived the 675 watts from the 5.625 joules :^/
Well, I can't figure out where the number 795 came from! 120 x 5.625 = 675
>My math ain't too hot either,
A most elegant understatement.
>but I think I figured this'n out ;^)
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