This is a HOW-TO from a newbie to a newbie, so all you pro's out there bear this in mind :)
Toroid construction

The first problem I had was what kind of material do I have around here that is suitable. I played around with a cardboard tube, the sort you get in paper towels. On this I cut a lot of 'V' slits down one side and formed it into a circle, wasn't that successful tho. Next I tried it with hose pipe, that worked but was a tad small. In the garage I found some odd bits of neoprene tubing, the sort with the reinforcement, looks like a cross hatch pattern inside. That worked well, but again it was a bit small. Further routing produced a box of 'electroflex' thats a flexible conduit for protecting electrical wiring around machines. In the box was some 0.75" dia and some 1.5" dia and whats more they were long enough. So a quick recap on Stefans page produce a typical dimension to form. I tried the larger one first and that wasn't too bad, although 3 hands would have been easier. Anyway I forced the ends together and with some plastic tape I managed to join them.
Because 'electroflex' as ribs I cut and wrapped 6" lengths of tape around the flex thereby gradually smoothing the surface. When it was near smooth I placed it to one side and attacked the smaller one. This one was quite adament that it did not want to join with itself and in the end I had to resort to the power of fast acting glue. Guess who won :) So haveing made both ends meet so to speak I wrapped the outside as the other one to get a fairly smooth finish. In the garage I had some aliminuim sticky sided tape, the sort they put round windows for alarm systems, two reels infact 1" and .5" wide. Cutting them into small strips 1-2" I placed them over the tape and smoothed them down with the back of a spoon, guess where I read that :).
Next was to trim down some 3ply to make 2 small discs that would be a pressure fit inside the toroids and then cover them with plenty of the ali tape. Only need to drill a hole in the centre of each and they done. Attaching them together and then to the secondary was a right headache, even after reading and re-reading anything I could find. In the end I opted for 'Stefans' approach with the 35mm container. lid on the toroid and base upside down on the coil. What a job it was to get that nylon screw thru the end of the former inside and the nylon nut in the container. Got there in the end tho. And after plenty of varnish poured in each, (one at a time) to provide an effective seal.The cap was bolted to the smaller toroid and a nut on the other side, and then the larger toroid on top of the screw with another nut to hold it in place, the screw was a stainless steel one and the object being to connect both toroids together to the 35mm lid. (Now I may be in error in doin that, we'll have to wait and see).
The secondary wire at the top was loose wound up the container and over the lip. Held in place with the plastisied tape. One more thing to do was to place strip of ali foil on the inside lid, object being to connect with top of the secondary turn. Ah yes, dont forget to remove the enamel before you bend it over. Having covered the top nut on the toroid I smoothed it down best I could with more ali tape. Now all that needs doing is fitting them together, but not just yet.. You'll see why later :))