YES!!! I got my very own saltwater 'Geek Group' cap to work!

I just wish I had a capacitance meter to ring it out. Here's a pic of the guts of it!

I'm going to work on a way to keep the bottles a tad more steady inside the bucket. I'm kind of afraid to move it too much!

To the left, you can see the trode that goes into the SW bath, and up top is the other.

This is all temporary - just trying to get a feel for it now. I need some conductors that can handle some current!

And here are some pics of my coil with the new cap!

And, of course, a few MOV files!




Lots of these pics do not do justice to the fierocity of the streamers I'm getting!

I think once I figger out how to parallel my 12/30 with this baby, I'm gonna have to make a longer power supply cable!!!