Here's a few spark pictures and movie files I put together last night. I can't experiment with my TC in the house (too many pets and people!) so I'll have to be content for the time being making LOUD sparks with my caps & JL.

Here's a couple of pic of my 15yr old flyback-driven 'TC' I got from Info Unlimited. Sorry about the quality, my Dig camera seems to have issues with low-light conditions!

I think the core is getting FUBAR because it emits a high-pitched squealing sound when I draw sparks from the terminal.

Another shot of it. I can draw the sparks off of this with my finger touching the screwdriver, and get nothing more than a buzzing sensation in my hand.

Here's the link to my MOV files!
WARNING: They're over 1MB each, so be patient!


Some hot arcs from my 15/30 NST

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