I got a new NST for my baby today! Who says Friday the 13th is so bad???

She's a Franceformer brand NST rated at 12KV @ 60mA!!!! That's scruffly 720VA of POWER for my coil (can't say exactly 720VA...no PFC yet...) and brother, did she LIKE IT!!!

See for yourself!!!

Sorry about the quality, low light, digital camera...but you get the idea!

What? What's that you say? I distinctly heard a "...Frank, you DID make MOV files with your new NST, didn't you???..."

But of course, mes amis!

Et, les voici!!!

Here's a cool one for ya!

And another...

New pics with my MMC!
This one you can see a few streamers coming right at the camera!!!

Smaller one in the "free" state...

Plasma in a cup! Check out the streamers spitting out the sides, too!

And more...
Attacking a grounded cable wire! Sweet!

I have to put up a BIG shout out to ABC Signs in Niagara Falls for the new power plant!!! $25.00 and no shipping charges!!! Take THAT, eBay!!!

Neat thing, too...I really didn't have to mess around with the tuning at all to get some nice 2+ footers from my coil! Everything is still pretty much the same way it was when I had my 15/30 running it. Also, according to WinTesla (great prog!!!) my tank cap should be .0133F, and it's pretty damn close to what I'm running (.01F rounded up).

GOD I LOVE THIS HOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!