Managed to get some pix of the new set-up! (lame as it is...) for your viewing pleasure! =)

Here's a pic pf the 'semi-finished' product! I'm getting whimpy 6" long sparks to a grounded cable. Tuning is right out the window at this point...just trying to get a 'feel' for the works right now. Still working on the "bucket-cap" too... anyone near Niagara Falls, NY wanna part with some paint buckets???

Le Bucket-cap.

I have drawn some severe sparks with this baby (between terminals), `nuff to make the neighbors complain and the cats howl, but I need more BUCKETS to power my coil! Oh, and by the way...I ran it w/out any oil in it the first few times. Can you say OZONE??? I had to leave the shed, it got so bad. Note the cable off to the left...that's my RF ground for the time being, too!

Here's the nail I was using for a breakout point. Sparks were between 3 & 5" to another piece of grounded cable - you can see the cable in the first pic. Nice corona, tho!

It gets pretty warm in the lab these days!! In case you haven't been keeping track, it's been a while since I uploaded! =) It's closer to 0° F these days!

Here's the main controller for my creation...pretty neat, huh? I have a keyed switch, neon indicator, digital VOM, variac, and a simple wall switch. Simple, elegant, and functional.

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