5.1.1 OBIT - Oil burner ignition transformers

Oil Burner Ignition Transformers (OBIT) are also useful as Tesla coil power supplies. These transformers are used to ignite the burners on old style oil burning furnaces.

They are magnetically shunted like neons so may be short circuited without damage. They are not as rugged as neons not being designed for continous duty operation. However they do serve well.

They are most commonly available in 10KV/23 ma and 6kv/23 ma ratings. The 10kv units are what would most interest us.

You may find these at heating/airconditioning contractors. Often you may find such places may have a couple old furnaces ready to be scrapped. The transformers can be removed and Sometimes be had for free. Some places may have a couple old transformers on hand. Most heating contractors dont place much value on these used transformers so will usually give them away for the asking.

New units can be ordered but are expensive. Before buying a new OBIT consider going to a neon transformer.