Tesla Coil Information Archive

First draft on 01/05/2001

Last Updated on 07/26/2001

I know that there is an abundunce of webpages on the web each offering it's own resources, programs or bits of information, but it always seems that I'm having to search through several pages to find the info that I need. I'm sure we've all seen those new to coiling ask the same questions that have been asked hundred's of times. This is my attempt to build a single source of at least a basic explanation of all areas of coiling. While it may lack detail, it should be a good place for the new people to answer there own questions and for the more experienced coilers to have as a reference.

The content of these pages is not original. It has been mostly composed of bits and pieces that I have collected over the last few years. Most of the origins of this information has been lost or forgotten by me. I will give credit to those that I know. I do not mean to leave anyone out. If something of yours is here and I didn't give you credit or you know who was the original source of the information, let me know and I will give credit where credit is due. If I have used something of yours that you wish removed, I will do so. I only offer this page for the good of the coiling community.

I welcome any comments, suggestions and submissions.
I will try to keep this as up-to-date as possible and let it evolve as the art of coiling evolves and new advances are made.