Professional Tesla Coiling Resources

These are people that are professionals in Tesla coiling that can provide parts, custom build coils, or put on the "big show"...  Unlike us amateurs, these folks provide real "for hire" services.  If you need a coil for your museum, need a big Hollywood production, or need a "stable" source of parts, these are the people in the "business end" of the hobby.

If you offer professional services and want your link added to the list, write with the information and I'll add your business in.


Tesla Technology Research

Bill Wysock has been around longer than anyone in the Pro coiling business.  Very high quality coils and sub systems..

I pioneered the architecture of using a hollow-spun aluminum toroid as a "top load" with the introduction of my first commercial model Model 5 in 1975. Also, I pioneered the symetrical arrangements of all the components that make up the tank circuit, directly underneath the base of the Tesla primary coil, to minimize stray inductances in the tank circuit using flat copper ribbon. I pioneered the construction and the process of raising the Tesla primary and secondary, up off the ground, to allow decoupling of the tank circuit from any 'ground plane'. I also pioneered the use of non-saturable core high voltage transformers, in conjunction with using a pair of auto-transformers, one for voltage control, the other for current control, and the ability to adjust *power factor* from this high voltage transformer, looking into the complex impedance of Tesla coil tank circuit, to obtain maximum forward-going power, and minimizing reflected power.


KVA Effects

Jeff Parisse's big time Tesla coiling business for movies, theater, commercials, promotions...

kVA Effects is the World's leader in the theatrical application of Tesla coil technology. We have permanent installations in five countries and have performed our special effects for companies such as Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, Sun Microsystems, AMC Theaters, Cisco Systems, NBC, Honda Motors, Lotus, Discovery Channel, and many others. We are fully insured and endorsed by the continued patronage of leading event production firms, television networks and Fortune 500 companies. Contact us today to electrify your next big production.


HVFX (High Voltage Special Effects)

HVFX is Europe's number one supplier of Tesla Coil effects for stage, screen and advertising. We are the only company in the world equipped and insured for operation within the EU and possess Tesla Coils from small units usable in your lounge up to units more suited to an arena or theatre.


Resonance Research Corporation

Resonance Research Corporation is the oldest commercial full-time Resonance (Tesla) Transformer manufacturer in the United States. RRC produced and sold it's first Tesla coil to the Univ. Wisconsin Physics Dept., Madison, WI, 1964. In 1967 RRC developed a large system producing sparks up to 16 feet in length. Later installations using a 40 ft tall x 8 ft. dia. Tesla secondary coil operating at 150 kVA has produced discharges up to 84 ft. long.

RRC also pioneered the development of a comprehensive "performance script" which has been modified slightly and is presently used in RRC's "Theater-of-Science" programs which feature Resonance (Tesla) Transformer, Van de Graaff generator, Exploding Wire Device, Electromagnetic Soda Can Crusher, HV Climbing Arc (16 feet tall), Plasma Globes, Crackle Tubes, Aurora Borealis Tube, Electromagnetic Railgun (coilgun) and all accessories with scripted programs to produce a powerful theatrical show.

Resonance Research Corporation --- where Science meets Magic --- The fun begins!


The Geek Group

The Geek Group is the only place on earth where you can take classes specifically in Tesla Coil design, theory, and construction (TCBOUK does kind of too). They are the worlds largest retailers of Tesla Coil specific MMC capacitors, as well as tons of other HV/HE gear. They sell X-ray transformers, insulators, cable, and various other coiling goodies. They also host a large Teslathon every 6 months. 


Legion Electronics

"Legion Electronics supply a range of standard and custom Tesla coil systems to meet current European safety standards. They are available for use public display and research environments, with discharge lengths available to suit all applications. We supply a complete service, from computer modelling of the design to installation of the finished product and regular servicing to ensure the maximum in performance and reliability." We also produce some very high quality secondary coils to order.


Justin Hays

I make hand-crafted secondary coils any size up to and including 8" diameter, linear static spark gaps, MMC capacitors, and other Tesla Coil components. I also construct smaller high voltage devices such as multipliers (up to 150kVDC!) and EMP disk tossing units (up to and past 100 feet!). Small, custom Tesla Coil systems are available for very low prices. Simply send me an email detailing what you're looking for, and I'll reply with a price. I am in need of your business! Thank you,  KC5PNP


Brian Basura

I manufacture two different types of high quality SRSG motors (1800rpm and 3600rpm). Both motor types have been proven in professional and hobbyist Tesla Coil service and are capable of spinning most 12" rotors with plenty of power to spare. I also provide custom made RSG parts (from individual components up to a completed unit). Contact me with your specifications for a quote.

Does much the same stuff as KVA Effects in Asian countries.