Fun With Microwaves

This is my 700 watt research microwave oven. I use it to carry out highly scientific experiments by subjecting items to microwaves. Generally the more interesting items are those which the manual says not to place in the oven. The internal light was removed.

Some of my more interesting research includes microwaving:

An incandescant light bulb

A mercury vapor light bulb

Some steel wool

Starting to glow

Now we're cookin'!


This 14" computer monitor crt looks right at home inside here. I modified the oven so it can nuke with the door open. Unfortunately, it wasn't as exciting as I had hoped. In fact, it didn't do anything.

Fearing I might have a "defective" crt, I tried again with a 17" monitor crt. Again, nothing.

Finally I tried a third crt. I jammed it as far into the oven as it would go. I let it roast for around 30 seconds, then gave up. It got hot, but didn't do much else. Obviously needs more power!

Other experiments include nuking:

Aluminum foil
Batman action figure with strategically placed steel wool
A grape sliced almost in two, placed with the flat side up

The research continues.

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