Pulse Capacitor Discharge Experiments

These are my 100 mF 10 kV Maxwell energy discharge capacitors. I connect them in parallel, charge them to 10 kV, then unleash 10,000 Joules, rather violently.

This is my 34 kVDC PSU and my homemade controller.

This is a quarter, confined between 2 1" diameter hardwood dowels. I wrapped it with ten turns of AWG 10 magnet wire.

This is my coin shrinker setup. You can see my 1/4" x 3" silver plated copper bus bars.

Here's my previous containment box after a single shot. This is 1/8" aluminum diamond plate.

This is a quarter and a dime that I shrunk.

Here's my can crusher.

Here's a can crushed at around 1,000 Joules.

Here's a can crushed at around 2,500 Joules.

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