It's hard to get killed making antibubbles :-))  But there are a few cautions I thought I should mention.  Mostly involving chemicals...  In all cases, rinse you eyes with water if you get anything in them and don't eat anything.  Make sure children don't get into them either.  Read all the labels!  If in doubt or you feel you need help.  Ask and adult to help you.  Better to ask mom to add a little bleach for you rather than ask mom to call the paramedics...


Glycerin - Don't get it in your eyes or drink it.  It is not super toxic or anything but do respect it as a chemical that can sting your eyes or make you vomit your guts out real fast!  Diluted with gallons of water it is harmless.  It does attack plastics a little too so try not to spill it on anything valuable.


Dish soap - Same as above.


Water - :o))  I do note that my five gallon bucket has a big warning label on it about very young children drowning...  Keep the lid on tight if you have small crawling children or pets.


Salt - Keep it out of your eyes.


Glass - Be aware that glass can break in very large nasty slivers.  If your going to drop something, just let it go.  Far better just to buy another cheap jar rather than slashing yourself wide open trying to catch it.


Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) - It is SUPER concentrated dish soap.  I probably would not have had a safety section if it was not for this one!  SLS is the pure chemical that makes dish soap without the water.  I get it in the 60% solution rather than the powder form that should be avoided.  Wear safety goggles and rubber gloves when working with it.  Once you manage to get the stuff washed out of your eyes (hard since it really hurts!!) you will be wearing an eye patch for a week.  You will not go blind but it is really bad stuff to get in the eyes.  

It will dissolve the oil in your skin and soak right into you causing all kinds of rashes and skin reactions.  Any simple rubber gloves will prevent problems.

If your allergic to soap just skip using this one...

Clean it up since it can get on things and get you latter if you touch a spill area that was not cleaned up well...

Don't burn it since the fumes are very toxic.

Don't eat it.  You'll be blowing foam out both ends while the paramedics pump your stomach out...

Once diluted in a few gallons of water, it is pretty harmless.


Electricity - Water and electricity do not mix well.  If you use pumps or other AC line powered equipment, you should use GFI outlets for safety.  Use battery power (very safe) if at all possible.  "I" use a lot of electronic test equipment, so this probably applies to "me" more than most.


Special Note - Dish soap (and especialy SLS ) are extremely toxic to pet fish!  Do not mix the containers you use for fish and antibubble solutions.  You "can" rinse them super well under very hot water to remove all traces of the chemicals, but best not to even try.


If you have any questions, please ASK BEFORE you do something bad!  I don't mean to be overly cautious or anything, but I like to let you know about any hazards that you may encounter.  Better safe than sorry...