Easy Setup



This is just about all you need to make antibubbles!

A glass of water with a little dish soap and salt in it (a squirt of soap and two pinches of salt).  Put the glass in a bowl so that the solution overflows the edges of the glass.

Find some type of squeeze bottle (mine is from the baby section of the pharmacy) that will allow you to squirt a smooth stream of solution into the glass.  Wrap any type of metal wire around the tip with a tail hanging off to make contact with the solution in the glass.  The wire " electrically grounds" the antibubble while it is being made to prevent static electricity from popping it.

To make the antibubbles, "gently" squirt the solution into the glass.  It takes a little practice but it should work well.  Hold the tip of the bottle about 1/4 inch above the surface of the solution.

Refill the bottle by sucking water from the bowl.  As the solution is squirted into the glass, the solution will run over the edge and carry the little bubbles and junk away leaving a nice clean surface at the top of the glass to make the bubbles.

With practice, you can make antibubbles about 1/2 inch in diameter with this setup.