Expert Setup

This is just about the best setup I know how to make.  Filtered, pump driven, nice valves...  You have a crystal clear view and plenty of room.  You can probably spend $75 to $100 on this one.

The Expert Setup is similar to the Advanced Setup but I made a special tank of of 1/4 in thick plate glass.

This square tank allows very clear viewing of the antibubbles without distortion and has plenty of room ( 7.5 x 7.5 x for the big ones.  It is made from:

1 tube clear silicone sealer to glue it together.

1/4 inch thick plate glass with "seamed" edges (ground down so they are not sharp).  Just get these five pieces from the glass store already cut to size for about $12.

    1x    7 1/2 x 7 1/2

    2x    8 x 11 1/2

    1x    7 1/2 x 9 1/4

    1x    7/12 x 9

You just put a thick bead of silicone on the edges and glue it together.  Use masking tape to hold it while the glue dries.  Clean up the edges with a razor knife when done.  You can get more information on this by searching the net for "glass aquarium construction".  Note that one top edge is 1/4 inch low so that the excess water can flow over it.


This setup also uses nice valves from the hardware store.  These press fit plastic ones are great but they cost about $5 each.

One side constantly fills the tank sweeping the surface clean while the other tube is used to make the antibubbles.  I am also using a one-way valve from the pet store (used for aquarium airlines) to prevent the solution from siphoning backwards.

With this setup, you can easily make big 1 3/4 inch antibubbles like this one (the tank is 8 inches across).  With luck you can get to 2 inches and larger!!

Her is a little movie I made making antibubbles with this setup.  making.avi (DivX Codec)