Chris The Great's Tesla Coil Page

Here is my website detailing my experiments in tesla coils, high voltage and some of my other hobbies. The site focuses mainly on my tesla coil, as it is my biggest project right now, but will have alot of information on things not necessarily related to tesla coils, such as my playing with sparklers (more dangrous than one would think), nitrating things and playing with audio. As I plan and build more of my to-do projects, the information will be put up as soon as I get the chance, which is unfortunatly not enough, considering how few and far between my actual updates are.


June 29, 2004: I finally got everything up to date, got the site overhauled to look much better, and basically did what I've been meaning to do for the past couple months. I will try to get most of the stuff up as soon as possible, I have alot of new stuff to put up and all the old stuff has to be reorganized. It's alot of work, since basically I'm remaking my entire site, although now with alot more knowledge about good website design. Unfortunatly, I almost finished, but not quite. I didn't do any work until now, and of course I had made a huge amount of progress in the past week, and so have to add all the as well. I will be adding more as quickly as possible, I just needed to get the old site replaced!