Stick Man Death Theatre

Click on one of the below to see one of my Stick Man death Theatre's

Manga Style Fight Death

Self Inflicted Death. Features a famous and well known internet personality

High Voltage Death

Jumping Death... Don't jump!

Maggot Death

Gulf War Death

Empire States Death

Terrorist Death

Death by the God of Corruption (possibly my favorite!)

How to make stickman death

Making stickman death is really quite simply, if a little time consuming. First u need to create a bitmap of the first frame of your animation. Save this as whatever1.bmp. This can be done using windows paint, or something more advanced like paint shop pro. Next, make the next frame. To do this, alter the first frame slightly, and save is as whatever you called the first animation with a 2 at the end. Now, you have a small (2 frame) animation. Download a bitmap compiler like animagic which is very easy to use. Using this it is possible to compile the two bitmaps together into a gif image, which will move when u view it. By adding more frames, u can make your animation longer and more complex in theme. This is exactly how I made all of my stickman deaths. If the above link to animagic fails to work, please e-mail me, and I will fix it. If all else fails, just use a search engine.

N.B I made all of these stickman death's myself. For more stick man death theatre try John's web site or

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