Third Party TA Units


These units are all third party, and where all designed by me. This means that Cavedog is not responsible for the performance, or lack thereof, of these units. I also will accept no responsibility for any harm these units may cause - USE THESE UNITS AT YOUR OWN RISK - . Having said this i have experienced no harmful effects from running these units nor have any of my friends. The units have not been completely play-tested and so may clash strategically with other units. The units may clash with other third party units software wise also. If clashes do occur, nothing bad will happen, the units in question will just not work.

Download the units here!

Download the Heavy Flying Siege Weapon

This is the first successful units i created and is based on Jhonbus's UFO flying laser turret. It has the same model and similar flying characteristics. I created this weapon to end the long sieges that seemed to arise in between me and john in our modem to modem battles. This flying unit can stand off at long range and bombard the enemy base with plasma shells.

Download the Lazer Tank

This is the same model as the heavy arm tank and is similar although a bit faster in movement. The difference is that it is armed with a heavy laser which makes it highly effective against certain unit types.

Download the Spy Kbot

One of my more cleaver units, this can cloak (500 energy) and penetrate the enemy's base. It has the same long range weapon as the Siege unit and can self destruct, invader style. It also jams radar over short distances

Download the strategic napalm rocket tower

This is my newest unit and my first attempt at a building. I have used the nuclear silo model to create a medium-long range defensive rocket weapon which is fairly powerful and has a BIG blast radius.

Download ALL of the above (recommended)

This zipped pack contains all of the above units in one small (215K) package. Probably the fastest way to download them all at once. This file will be updated when I add more units

N.B. - All of the above units are for the arm. This is because i only every play as the arm. In the future I might create some core units, but don't hold your breath

N.N.B - Actually, do hold your breath. I will laugh when u die

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