My Computer

This page contains pictures and information about my computer. My computers current specs are;

Processor = Athlon XP 1900 (1.6ghz)

Motherboard = Epox 8K5A3+

Memory = 512 megs Crucial DDR @ 266mhz cas2

Graphics Card = Geforce 3 Ti200 64 meg AGP primary, TNT1 16 meg PCI secondary

Network Card = Linksys LNE100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter v4

Modem = HCF 56K PCI modem (software)

Monitor = 17 inch generic Dell + 15 inch generic Dell

Hard Drives = 80 gig maxtor, 40 gig IBM, 20 gig fujitsu

CDRW = Lite-On LTR-241035 (24 speed write)

DVD = NEC DV-5700A Region unlocked (yay!) thanks to The Firmware page

LS-120 disc drive + standard floppy drive

Miscalaneous other stuff

Not sure who would be interested in this stuff (theives maybe?), but i though i may as well include it. My computer is known as HAL-9000 and (when i can be bothered to set it up) responds as such to various windows events. My computer dual boots WinXP and SUSE 8.0.


Here you can see the case of my computer in all its glory!

The below picture shows the insides of my computer

This picture shows the insides of my computer in the dark, so you can see them glow!