Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is something I have only just really started getting into. Strangely I was introduced to The Wonderful World of Fast Downhill Action by Gamesoc (Edinburgh Uni Computer Gaming society). It might not seem obvious that computer gamers / geeks would enjoy something like cycling. Certainly the stereotyping is against it. But they do. It seems that high speed dangerous bike action appeals to the same kind of people who play Quake 3 all night.

I go cycling in the Pentlands just outside Edinburgh. There seem to be many interesting and fast downhill tracks, and just as many slow and difficult uphill ones (funny that). When I am not at Uni, I go cycling in the lake district.

I have relatively few pictures of myself cycling. I have only a few of myself after rides are finished. My disheveled appearance should suggest the nature of the ride. Now I have a shiny new digital camera I will endeavor to get some better pictures.

The below picture shows me (on the left) next to my old bike. I have since got a newer shinier aluminium bike


The below picture is of my shiney new aluminium bike. I aquired it through the rather clever method of convincing my dad that his nice shiney aluminium bike was too small for him. As a result i 'inherited' his 'old' bike, and he bought a new one. I would feel guilty about this, where it not for the fact that the bike really was too small for him. For me it is just the right size :-)

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