This is a short autobiography. It outlines who I am, what I do, and other related things.

I go to Edinburgh University where I study Geology (now in the 3rd year out of 4). When not in Edinburgh I spend most of my time in Lancaster (where my parents live). I enjoy spending time in both these cities though Lancaster can't really compare to Edinburgh in terms of the various activities on offer. One major plus to being in Lancaster - that is where my Tesla Coil is located. My present flat mate didn't seem to keen on my bringing my coil to Edinburgh (and to be honest, my room is a little small). It also goes without saying that I enjoy spending time with my parents during the holidays (if you're reading - Hi mum!).

Picture of Edinburgh and my house
Picture of Edinburgh and castle

I spend most of my free time with my various hobbies as outlined on the rest of my website. In Lancaster, since I am restricted in many of my chosen activities, I spend much of my time tinkering with my Tesla coil. I also enjoy reading Sci-Fi novels, walking, sailing and cycling (with my parents) and seeing the various people whom I know from secondary school. Since I have convinced my mum of the virtues of ADSL I am able to play around with various online games and just spend time with general internet usage without worrying about costs etc which is a plus.

In Edinburgh I am a committee member and active participant in the Edinburgh University drumming society. This takes up most of my Monday evenings, and on occasion we put on amateur performances to raise money for the society / some charitable cause. I am also a member of Gamesoc, the Edinburgh university computer gaming society. Gamesoc meet once every fortnight, usually on a Sunday, for big LANs. On Thursdays I can be found in the pub with most of the rest of Gamesoc for general face to face socializing (IRC can't replace this... yet).

Since moving into my new flat i have new flatmates to keep me entertained / cook + clean for me / etc (haha - i'd be so lucky). Fortunately, one luxury (neccessity really) that i do have is ADSL internet access. This mean that i can play all my favorite online games. Most recently i have been introduced to Enemy Territory by Jack (flatmate). It is rather good. I find the internet itself to be an immensely useful and personally enriching source of info, so if I ever feel bored it is more down to laziness than lack of stuff to do.

At the weekends, if I am not Lanning, I may go cycling with one of the various groups of people I know who do this. When not cycling, I am prone to the odd trip to Dogma where I listen to loud techno music in the company of various interesting people. Samples of the style of music can be downloaded from the website.

I'm the kind of person who can't help wondering what it would be like to jump every time I see something tall (but not in a suicidal way). I like open spaces and high places. I like windy weather and cold temperatures. I enjoy physical challenges. I seem to sway towards the less competitive sports as I see competing with myself as more rewarding than competing with other people. I try to enjoy loosing as much as winning, as if I’ve lost, at least I know it was difficult and I feel like I learnt something.

I have no religion. I don't follow any major sport. I have no interest in patriotism, as I try to take a wider view. I eat meat but I’m against the death penalty. Free speech is good, censorship is bad. I think capitalism is currently the least bad form of government. I think organised religion is good, as it gives stupid people something to distract themselves with. Football also. I spend time thinking about useless things like the meaning of life and the nature of consciousness. I think that most people take most things too seriously and too personally. I think the space program (any space program) is a good idea. I look forward to the chance to buy cybernetic brain implants in 20 years time (ish). I enjoy listening to and being involved with music. I am a pacifist who acknowledges the necessity for defensive warfare. I believe in intellectual communism. I think people have the right to make wrong decisions as long as they damage only themselves. Some other stuff too, but I forget what.

This is what I look like in case you ever want to meet me! This picture was taken at the top of the crags, Edinburgh.


Here is an amusing picture of me, upside-down