DC Coil Primary Capacitor    

Primary Capacitor / Tank Cap

  The primary capacitor is an MMC made up of 4 strings of 15 polypropylene capacitors. I used Arcotronics ones, which are 0.047uF and rated at 1500V dc. Total capacitance should be in the region of 12.5nF.

I mounted each string on a section of plastic chopping board, with the leads soldered together on the opposite side, and a 10M bleeder resistor across each capacitor to hopefully forestall any nasty high-energy-discharge-to-finger-based surprises.

I used ring terminals to attach the ends of each string to 1/4" brass bolts fitted into the chopping board. I used relatively heavy stranded cable for connecting the strings and other parts of the primary circuit together, and passed it through flexible vinyl tubing to increase its insulation (probably less of an issue if you should happen to consider your wiring layout more carefully than I did)


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