DC Coil Sparks   

DC Coil Spark Photos

Once I'd tuned the coil a bit more (not by any especially technical means, just by changing the position of the primary tap by about half a turn each way and looking for the best discharge) I thought I'd try taking some better photos. I furnished myself with a (pretty basic) tripod and worked up the courage to point my (more expensive than I'd've liked to get toasted) digital camera at the coil, and switched on. I ended up taking quite a few photos, I've just picked the ones I liked best. Obviously it was quite dark so these are long exposure shots, all at most of a second each. I've included exposure details for the original photos, the ones here are just cut down in size so as not to take more than 18 months to upload over my dialup connection. I haven't tweaked them apart from the resizing.

            Exposure: 0.8s / f 2.2 / ISO 100
            Exposure: 0.8s / f 2.2 / ISO 100
            Exposure: 1.0s / f 2.2 / ISO 100

At high bps the discharge tends to go upwards instead of out to the side, I noticed. Looks a lot more angry too.

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