DC Coil Specifications    

some specifications for my DC coil

my coil's based very closely on Steve Connor's, so most of the component details for mine are pretty much the same as for Tesla 2. But here they are anyway.

    primary     3mm copper refrigeration tubing, coiled in a flat spiral. Turns are spaced at 10mm centre-centre. Currently tapped at about turn 11 (of 15)  
    secondary     wound on an 80mm PVC former, using 0.4mm diameter magnet wire. Winding length 520mm, for approximately 1300 turns  
    tank cap     MMC (4 x 15) using Arcotronics 0.047uF @ 1500V polypropylene capacitors, for a total capacitance of 12.5nF at 22.5kV  
    topload     spun aluminium toroid, 300mm across with a 100mm minor diameter, helpfully supplied by Basil Jones Metal Spinning  
    spark gap     propellor-style ARSG, based on a mini sander. potentially runs at 10,000rpm, but I've only run it at about half that so far.  
    power supply     DC-resonant charging power supply, consisting of one MOT (which was free!) and some voltage doubling electronics (which weren't, but they were interesting to build and try out so that's ok)  

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