Tesla Coils. And Drilling.     

So What's This Drilling Thing All About Then?

Since I got interested in building tesla coils about two years ago, an outside observer might have noticed a number of changes. I visit the dump more often, and have taken to hoarding dead electrical applicances, bits of wire and other junk. I always look in skips when I walk by. I've spent more time reading complicated catalogues with electronics bits in. I've started referring to the back of the garage as my laboratory. And I spend a lot of time down there making things out of old drainpipes, pieces of copper, plastic chopping boards, bits of wood and endless nuts and bolts.

Since a lot of the construction part of what I've been doing seems to involve making holes in things, and because making holes in things is a particularly good part of it all, my experiments in building tesla coils have come to be known collectively as drilling. Most often in the context of important drilling, as in "What have you been doing all afternoon when you should've been <insert mundane housework-type activity here>?" "Important drilling."

Occasionally it's even vital drilling.

Anyway, this website (space at hot-streamer.com kindly loaned by Terry Fritz) aims to be a largely disorganised and generally ill-conceived mish-mash of poorly thought-out, entirely mediocre, or just plain pointless stuff, collated only by virtue of being thrown together on the same ragtag collection of amateurish webpages without any semblance of due care or attention. I think it's important to have nice, achievable goals in life. Also that way there's a chance it might even not look too out of place in the rest of the Inter Web.

With any luck I'll manage to get some interesting pictures in though, and possibly even some stuff about coils I've made (or am more likely halfway through making)

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