Here are some pictures of tesla...

Tesla aged 23.

Age 29

Age 64

Age 79

Tesla statu

Tesla's Father, Otac.

Tesla's home.

Niagra Falls

3 lamps lighted by wireless power transmission.

Inside Tesla's workshop, Demonstrating high tension coils.

Experimental Transmission tower.

Colorado Springs.

Tesla Lectures on Wireless transmission of power.

Tesla's Transmitter tower.

George Westinghouse

J.P.Morgan   Simply a MUST read A few good pics


Tesla's Bio




I often wonder what happened to all his notes and his ideas.  Its true a lot of Patents are out which cover a lot of his work. Though no one seams to fully understand all which is in them.  There are of course his ideas for Wireless Transmission of Power.  I am investigating what happened to this idea and trying to find out anything I can about wireless power.  Tesla himself said his first coil could only light a small lamp.  But latter he stated that he could light 1000's of lamps.  Some basic ideas are easy to prove though Tesla states higher the frequency the higher the power output ???????????  Well I don't see the connection at all.  Its true high frequency can resonate and the coils only need to be small, appart form lower frequency which would require massive coils.  I with the rest of the world draw up blanks with wireless power.  This also crosses the overunity mark IMO.  If you were transmitting 100 watts of power over 100 meters, you coul have space for say 10,000 pickup coils. Each coil would provide 100watts output.  100watts x 10,000 = 1,000,000watts of power. It doesn't stop there as each pickup coil could then again power more transmitters 1,000,000 watts power transmitted power.  It could go on and on almost indefinatly. Though why doesn't this work when people build the things ? Why isn't this in use already today ? Where are the experimental notes ?

I think maybe within the next 50 years all will come to light. Though today we wil have to work itout ourselves or just simply wait for it to happen��.