New Primary Deck


These are pictures of the primary deck for my new 6 inch x 30 inch coil. I can't call this one a junk box coil, as I have purchased mostly new materials for it. I'm using 24 inch diameter precut 3/4 inch plywood disks from Lowe's (UK cousins--Lowe's is the mother and father of all DIY stores, you'd love it!).

In the first photo, you can see the three, evenly spaced slots I cut on through the plywood. These will allow me to select any primary turn I want using a big alligator clip from underneath the deck--tuning will be nearly invisible.

In the second picture, I have cemented the coil support struts in place with clear silicone glue. Each strut is an 8 inch length of 3/4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. I have already marked the spots where the 3/8 inch copper tube will contact each strut. After the glue hardens, I will drill pilot holes for the plastic cable ties that will pass over each primary turn and through the wooden deck, where they will be cinched tightly underneath. The coil and struts will be held down with silicone glue and over 100 high strength plastic cable ties. It should be sturdy enough!