I built a .023uF MMC for the improved junk box coil. I used five parallel strings of ten Seacor .047uF/1600V polypropylene & foil capacitors. I glued the caps to an 8" x 8" square of Plexiglas and used bare copper wire jumpers secured with solder. I didn't bother using any bleeder resistors and so far I have not regretted the omission. I think if the lack of resistors was going to cause failure, it would have happened by now.

I doubled the cap size for the new & improved junk box coil. I just made another 50-cap block and wired it in parallel with the original MMC to achieve .047uF. It sure beats using bulky, messy saltwater caps.

The picture shows the doubled (.047uF) MMC.

Special thanks to Aric Rothman for getting the caps for me.