These are my two identical 9KV/60ma neon sign transformers (NSTs) made by Allanson. I gave $10 each for them (used), and they work perfectly. The little metal I.D. tags on them say they are rated for 120V/540VA AC input. I wish I had a dozen more. Unfortunately, I don't have a convenient source. I have the two NSTs mounted on a scrap of plywood and wired in parallel. Note the 1200 Ohm/50 Watt wire-wound power resistors on the output and the 1000pF/10KV RF bypass caps to ground on one set of insulators. The bent wire things sticking up are the safety gaps to case ground. They rarely fire. The caps, resistors, and safety gaps make up an RF protection network. This is the power supply for the improved junk box coil, and I get very satisfactory performance. Many coil builders attach almost magical properties to 15KV NSTs, but power output is more important than voltage.

I am not at all tempted to unpot them and remove shunts. If one ever croaks, I'll try it, but until then I'm leaving them alone.