Bigger Toroid for 6 Inch Coil

Here's my new 6 inch x 30 inch coil with a bigger 4 inch x 32 inch top hat. I made it from a length of 4 inch corrugated plastic drain pipe formed around a 24 inch Masonite disk and covered with Aluminum foil. It improved spark length a few inches, as I am now getting hits to grounded objects up to about 70 inches using only the 42nF beer bottle cap at 4400VA. Notice the thickness and brilliance of hits to objects. The saltwater cap is often damned for giving, "ůspindly purple sparks". Phooey! You should see this thing in person before you talk trash about bottle caps. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image. Sorry for the fuzzy quality--this is just captured video. I'll get around to some 35mm photography eventually.