Here's a closeup of the lower deck of the original junk box coil that I built while I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall in the UK. The .006uF tank capacitor is a cluster of four 750ml wine bottles wrapped in foil and filled with strong salt water. The bottles are set in a block of styrofoam to keep them from tipping over. The top electrodes are made from 1/4" threaded brass rods passed through plastic champagne stoppers. The white, hoop-like things on either side are 100-turn RF chokes wound with #26 plastic coated wire formed into a coil about 6" in diameter. On the right is a 9 electrode Richard Quick style multi-gap housed inside a chunk of 4" PVC pipe. The muffin fan on top draws air through the gap to help cool the 22mm x 3" copper pipe electrodes. This coil was dismantled late in 1998 in anticipation of my move back to the USA.