Sue Gaeta's Tesla Coils

This page contains text and pictures I received from coiler Sue Gaeta of Long Island, New York. These coils are even more impressive when you consider she is building & running them in her bedroom! You're doing great work up there Sue. Don't burn the house down´┐Żunless you really want to. Thanks for the cool pictures.

"The bed can be seen here at the bottom left hand corner. These big mica caps work just as good as Maxwell pulse caps, but they hurt my toes when I trip over 'em so I use the Maxwells now.

Here it is running (oops!, the rest of the family is running too, hey where is everyone going? the fun has just begun!) The breakout point is intentionally directed away from the bed! These sparks will start fires if one is not careful."


Sue has another very interesting project in the works; a small Tesla coil she calls "The Radical Radio". I'll let her tell you about it in her own words:

-Project Name: The Radical Radio REV B

-Power Supply: 5000V/60mA NST

-Primary: 6.5 turns of space wound 10AWG insulated, stranded wire. It is 3.2" in diameter and 2.25" high. This is in series with a 5 microhenry tuning inductor, which is 8 turns of space wound solid silver coated 14AWG wire, 2" in diameter.

-Tank Cap: .0093uf MMC made with two strings of twelve .056uF Digi Key pulse caps in series.

-Spark gap: Two 1" diameter by 2" long copper pipe sections forming only one gap (no fan).

-Secondary: 1 3/4" diameter by 10 3/4 high. Wound with 34 AWG magnet wire.

-Toroid: 1.5" x 6" spun aluminum made by, and purchased from John Freau.

See: for more info.

-Streamer length: 1 foot

Want to see what's inside that radio jacket? Click here.