This is the new & improved junk box coil. I have added a much bigger 4" x 20" toroid made from corrugated plastic drain pipe covered with Aluminum tape. Also, I made a new secondary for it from 4" sch 40 PVC pipe wound for 24" with 22AWG green enameled magnet wire. The glossy green secondary not only looks great, but also performs much better than the original secondary wound with plastic insulated hookup wire. Operating frequency of this toroid/secondary combo is probably about 240kHz. Another upgrade was to the MMC. I increased it from .023uF to .047uF. The bigger MMC makes much better use of the stiff current available from the twin MOT power supply. Best streamers so far are about 60", but 36" to 48" is more common. I also get periodic hits to the ceiling and floor of my garage--something I never had to worry about before. This coil puts on a dazzling & deafening performance in a darkened garage. The toroid still isn't big enough, as I am still getting multiple streamers. I'll have to try a bigger top load sometime.