Video Clips

The hyperlinks point to Windows Media Player compatible video clips with audio. If you have a really fast (ISDN, LAN, or Cable Modem) connection, you can stream them right off the server. Otherwise, you'll need to download them first and then view them with MicroSoft Media Player. You may need to upgrade to Media Player 7, a free download from the MicroSoft web site. Whenever I post a new clip, I'll put a hyperlink here, so check back every so often. If the video won't stream and refuses to download, you'll have to make a minor adjustment to your Windows. These instructions are for Windows 98, but should be similar for 95 & NT: Click the START button (bottom left corner) and select SETTINGS. Click FOLDER OPTIONS and select the FILE TYPES tab. Scroll through your list of file types until you find WMV type file. Highlight the WMV file type and click the EDIT button. Place a check mark in the CONFIRM OPEN AFTER DOWNLOAD box, and click OK twice. Now when you click on any hyperlink to a WMV file type, Windows should ask you if you want to open it or save it to a disk? Choose to save it to a disk, and you'll be able to watch them on Media Player after it down loads. The files are all less than 1MB and should download pretty quickly even using a dial-up modem.


15kV / 30ma NST Jacob's Ladder

Improved Junk Box Coil, 9kV NST power

New & Improved Junk Box Coil with Dual MOT Power Supply

6-Inch Tesla coil with 10,000RPM RSG and 4400VA pole pig power

6-Inch Tesla coil with 81nF bottle cap and single static spark gap

6-Inch Tesla coil with 81nF bottle cap and 6" x 28" inner tube toroid

For widebanders only! 4" MOT coil tormenting the ether. Rendered in crystal-clear, full-motion MPEG-1 video. File size 9MB.