Pole Pig and Controller




These photos show my PDT and controller cabinet. The PDT is rated at 10kVA with 11550V on the primary and 250V on the secondary. The safety gap is attached to the front of the PDT. The power cabinet is an old Hewlett Packard computer reel to reel tape unit for a mainframe. I scored it for free from uni. On top of the cabinet is my SRSG phase controller. Inside the cabinet are contactor relays, variacs, line filters, paralleling chokes etc. There are 3 30amp variacs inside, though I am only using two in parallel at the moment, as a 60 amp continuous rating is plenty for me at the current time. I may wire in the third variac one day though.

The left photo shows the panel detail of the controller cabinet. The big square meter is an 80A current meter, using a curent transformer. The smaller meters are, from left, line voltage, variac 1 current, variac 2 current, auxillary current (for SRSG), voltage out (to PDT). The lights show when various parts of the cabinet are energised. The small switches control the contactors. The big red switch is a 100A breaker, and I also have HRC fuses inside the cabinet.