(Double Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil)


DRSSTCs are cutting edge  in the Tesla Coiling arena. Solid state devices are used to resonantly charge the tank capacitor, causing it to ring up to many times the input voltage, without subjecting the switches to this voltage - a result of employing a bridge configuration. The result is increased efficiency, no HV transformers, and lots of fun blowing up semiconductors! Outputs are easily approaching and exceeding NST based spark gap coils using over the counter IGBTs. Recent pioneering work in this arena has been carried out by Jimmy and Steve Ward, whose pages can be found at, and a lot has to be creditied to Terry Fritz, who pioneered the techniques for overdriving IGBTs.


I began playing with these devices because multi-kW power levels are available without the need for the ca. 350kg pole pig, controller cabinet and 1HP SRSG combination I require for my large coil. Additionally, my recent work with MOSFET amplifiers has created for me a soft spot for the solid state devices I once deemed as "unreliable devices useful only for low power work and small sparks"



555 based remote interrupter

Feedback and schmitt trigger

IGBT/MOSFET gate driver