Every site has them, why not mine. Terry's server(and great tesla coil resource), without which my page would definitely not be possible, Thanks Terry.

JAL (Just Another Language) Links !! - free pic high level compiler
The man that started it all !!! Wouter Van Ooijen! he deserves all our thanks. - Great site with simple projects and many other sections.
The JAL Compiler is now open source and is being maintained on sourceforge, check it out.
Stef Mientki Has another Great jal page that must be seen.. I use his JALcc (The editor) which works great, and come with tons of libraries.
Vasile Surducan has lots of nice libraries and lots of good info on PICs and JAL.


SSTC - Links
Very informative site on conventional and SSTCs, some theory and other essential things, I learned alot.
Another great site, I liked alot of the aspects of Alan Sharp's SSTC, and his conventional coil
SSTC site with some pictures and schematics
Tesla coil site with info on conventional and SSTCs.
Site about some guys experiments, SSTC and manny other things.

Propeller Clock - Links

Great site on a propeller clock designed to actually look like a propeller, or at least pretty close with the spinner and all.

Misc - Links

-- I no longer use this PCB editor
Board Editor is the program I use to make almost all of my PCBs, it is fast and easy and allows you to make single or double sided PCBs.

Friends website, nothing to do with electronics, but he's a nice guy and his site is always interesting, espcially if you are into RPGs.