Hiking Mauna Loa

This was our first trip up mauna loa..... 7.5 hours up, 5 hours back 10,000 feet elevation, we started at about 6,600 feet. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the summit, which is at 13,680 feet. That will have to wait until next time :)

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first picture I took... us about 1/3 of the way to red hill, resting at the "last" tree... it isnt actually the last tree, just the last one right near the trail :P
Mauna Kea, looking across the lava, this was taken from a little way beyond red hill
spectacular views.. it was overcast almost the entire time we were hiking. Matt on the trail past red hill, we walked a little way up it.
another rest.. about half way there. some sort of lava spout
beautiful another view
see the trail wind its way into oblivion. inside that same spout.
the bluest sky I have ever seen Matt inside a similar fountain.
one of the numerous lava tubes we saw along the way the wall of that fountain, might make a nice background.
another rest, about 2 miles from the cabin travis took this picture....
all of the shit we took up.... way to much stuff.... ate about half our food the chess board that Grant and Travis made.
great views of Mauna Kea, from the top of red hill, the second day the clouds going by outside of the cabin.
our whole group, from left to right: me(Chester), Matt, Grant, Travis. green gatorade, something cooking...
view looking down toward volcano from red hill Travis on the hammock I made... We were bored :P
view looking up from red hill... the cabin is just below your view, in the middle of the two peaks. now the hammock with a pad and sleeping bag.
another view down the mountain, but the sun had risen a little more by this time... It wasnt very easy to get in OR out of the hammock..
my shadow, I like this picture a lot. after..
Matt... enough said Travis and Grant playing chess.
guys walking back to the cabin. us all on the last day, in the morning before we left on our decent
Travis and Matt attempting to use the stretcher as a sled.... it was an old rusty one they found behind the cabin... we didnt desturb the nice shiny stainless one travis holding up some "water" !
another view of the cabin, with Mauna Kea behind.