Thanks for you interest in putting stuff on my little server!

This is just a note to answer the common questions.

The server is over powered and under used so I don't mind sharing web space at all. I set it up to learn more about this stuff and to have fun. :-))

It is totally FREE to anyone with the following "rules".

1. I can't be responsible for anything! ;-)) Fire, flood, moves, hackers, goofups... can all take the sever down or destroy your site. I'll try hard not to do that and back things up, but there are zero guarantees. I plan on running the server indefinitely but ya never know... If your site is really important, critical, irreplaceable... this may not be a good place for it. I am new to all this, so mistakes may be made.

2. Only sites having something to do with Tesla coiling are accepted. You can stick other little things there but the main focus should be on Tesla coils.

3. Nothing other than nice G-rated stuff is allowed. I don't want to answer a whole bunch of angry complaints or anything... It goes without saying that nothing illegal will be tolerated.

4. The site cannot be connected with any SPAM or other obnoxious things but you certainly can sell and advertise coiling things for sale.

5. The size of your site is not a concern. I set it up because with 300Meg online, I really had nowhere else to put that much stuff for a reasonable amount of money. Try not to wildly waste space however. If you really have a ton of stuff to post, perhaps you could send it to me on CDrom or something.

6. I don't support scripting or executable web objects. Thus, hit counters and stuff like that won't work.

7. I don't store your passwords (the server encrypts them) or any other information. I won't sell you personal info (which I don't have anyway ;-)) or do any of that stuff. I will try to hang on to your e-mail address incase I have to get a hold of you but that is about it...

8. I offer copies of the sites on the server on CDrom for a small duplicating fee (~$5) to people that don't want to download all 300+ Megs. Thus, I assume I have permission to do this and everything on your site is meant to be distributed in one form or another.

The site will appear as:


The start page is index.htm

On some browsers, the "http://" part is needed to find your site. My IE5.5 seems to get lost without it :o

All I need is a site name and some non-trivial password from you. If someone gets or guesses you password, they will only have access to your site. Since I'll forget you password in minutes and the computer won't give it back, only you will know it. I can always set a new one if you forget it

The data can be uploaded by FTP. Something like:

ftp hot-streamer.com

username? chuck

password? ****

Then you can upload to your heart's content. It is the usual FTP thing under Windows 2000.

I can be reached at:


For questions and all. It is best to write me at this address for server stuff since it is all right there.