Barton Richard Corfe Mullen Dorset UK - -
Basura Brian Acton California USA SoCal Teslathon, 6 PT Powered Coil, Mini-Twin, Cages, Pigs, Controllers, RSG's, Sync Motors, etc...
Beck Sam Minneapolis Minnisota USA - built one 450VA coil and is currently building a 1.8KVA coil
Behrend Matt Diamond Bar California USA mathematical modeling; resonant charging; digitally controlled synchronous rotary spark gap; .028uF 75kV PE plate capacitor; 3kW max
Bell Steve Swindon Wiltshire UK Secondary:- 6 by 25.5 coil, Powered by a 10kV @ 100mA NST, 0.03uF MMC, RQ style cooled 10 electrode gap, Max output 63 (seconds before it died!)
Boden Chris Kalamazoo Michigan USA -
Bower Jesse - Medina Ohio USA - -
Brick Chris Santa Cruz California USA - 1 coil, 4x23 secondary, 15/30 NST. Working on second and third coils. A little desktop model and a big pig-powered model
Burnett Richie Newcastle - UK Secondary: 4 x 21, Toroid: 4 x 22, Power: 1800 watts, Capacitor: 70nF MMC, Spark gap: 200BPS sync rotary, Max output: 66 inches
Cadd Dr. Duncan Northampton - UK - -
Cleary Andy Troy New York USA built two coils, many spark gaps, an MMC, helped with another coil
Cook Steve Richmond Surrey UK -
Copini Robin Adelaide South Australia Sec:10"x45" MDPE, Pri:.5" copper tube, 0.07uF MMC, 200BPS SRSG w/tungsten, homemade 20KVA controller, 33KV/15KVA pig, Max arc:4.75m
Crawshaw Steve Bristol - UK - secondary:- 4.25 by 22 close wound, Powered by an 25kV @ u/a mA, 4.7nF MMC cap with a forced air RQ static gap, Toroid:-3 by 12 welded steel (very heavy).
Crow Alex London - UK - -
Dale Martin Nottignham - UK - Secondary 4 by 22
Dancer Colin London - UK -
Dean David Staples Texas USA -
Dietrich Grayson Medina Ohio USA -
Dingman Scot New Orleans Louisiana USA -
Duva Joe Annapolis Maryland USA built one 900W NST-powered coil, using doorknob..then oil-filled caps, 4 PVC secondary, static gap. Working on SRSG and new coil
Eldredge Kevin Newcastle Oklahoma USA's.htm Home of the Biggg Coil, 32+ kW with present sparks 24' point to point.
Field Nick Reading Berkshire UK Secondary:-14 by 56 with Cself of 80 pF, Powered by a 12kVA / 10kV DC reso charging, Lpri: 300�H Cpri: 0.2�F, Spark gap:-8 Gap Series Rotary
Flodd Tim North Lawrence Ohio USA - -
Foley Brian Troy New Hampshire USA - amatuer radio (call ka1bbg), bashed electrons for 40 yrs! experience in molding rubber,plastic.machine silver and wood work,welding,electronics,gemstone cutting
Forrest Gordon Newcastle - UK - -
Freemeyer Gary Paradise California USA -
Fritz Terry Fort Collins Colorado USA Tesla list moderator - Knows things :-)
Gaeta Suzanne Brookville New York USA - Medium Coil: 4.5" by 14" secondary, 810 watt input, streamer length: 33". Also built sevaral small artistic coils.
Golding Bob Hitchin Herts UK Secondary:-10 by 50, Powered by a 8.2kV @ 250mA radar transformer, Max spark lenght, Built in association with Bob Golding
Graley John Cambridge - UK -
Hall Dale Redondo Beach California USA Very Experienced Coiler
Hansen David - New Jersey USA - Beginning Coiler
Harrison Mike Essex - UK Secondary 4 by 20
Hayes Justin Santa Fe Texas USA Have constructed at least 20 other Tesla Coils, as well as many small electronic and HV devices. Best is 9' arcs @ 5kVA w/SRSG. Next is 20kVA twin coil system.
Hendersen Shad Clearwater Florida USA average experience, with guidance from a pro
Herrick Ken Oakland California USA "Herrick's Patented Solid-State Alternating-Current Thunder and Lightning Entertainment Machine" (, also KCH_tcg2 and 3)
Hickman Bert Woodridge Illinois USA Very experienced Coiler and EE
Hill Chris Cardiff - UK -
Hobson Chuck Wimborne Dorset UK - Many years Electronics/Electrical Engineering
Huffman David Genoa Illinios USA - Good experience at coiling (EE)�latest coil is an 8 NST 1KW home made cap yielding 3' sparks
Hunter Greg Cochran Georgia USA -
Koscho Aron Spring Texas USA Last finished project is working, highly reliable SSTC. Best is 9' arcs @ 5kVA on w/SRSG. Next is 20kVA twin coil system.
Kovacevic Nebojsa morfeus@EUnet.yu - - Yugoslavia - Building own 3kW transformer, experence with MMCs, salt water caps, secondary and primary for first coil are built. Coil should give 6-7' arcs
Kunkel Dan Springfield Missouri USA - one nst coil (3 x 12) 540 watts, building coil #2 (6 x 26.5) 1800 watts
Le Page Brian Fleet Hampshire UK BM2 coil, Secondary:- 4.25 by 22, Powered by a 10kV @ 50 mA OBIT, Max output 67 with a pole pig
Lowrey Chester big island of Hawaii USA 15kv 60ma NST, 6"secondary, .02uf MMC, 17turn primary, vacuum gap == 4.5 foot sparks, vacuum gap == 4.5 foot sparks
Lux Jim Thousand Oaks California USA -
Malik Tabraze Manchester - UK -
McCreath J.B. Weazle Saltford Ontario Canada first being a 3 x 12 powered by a 10/23 OBIT, second coil is a 4 x 16 powered by 10/69 stack of OBITs, brine caps, Marc's cup cap, and now finally an MMC
Metlicka Mark Windsor Ohio USA I mess around with coils sometimes (read TONS)
Minchey Adam Lawrenceville Georgia USA 14.4kV 25 kVA pig powered 4-1/4" x 23" of AWG28 with 6" x 24" spun toroid, 5' to 6' sparks.
Morehead Peter Worthing West Sussex UK - -
Nieport Gregory Cincinnati Ohio USA - -
Overstreet Ross Austin Texas USA -
Peterson Neil Las Vegas Nevada USA - novice......built 1 coil......
Reinhart Jonathon Findlay Ohio USA some experiance, first coil will be finished this summer
Rieben David Memphis Tennessee USA - over 13 years expeirience with many coils. Currently running the 'Medusa' coil from a 10kVA polepig, output ~10'
Rodway Steve Bath - UK Secondary:-4, Powered by a 16kVA pole pig
Rosenberg Ted Ft. Worth Texas USA Experienced. 900W NST; Static Gap of own design. 6 Plexi secondary w/4:1 ratio and #22 wire. Max sparks 30. Used in haunted house. Planning a 2.7KW coil
Slayten Tim Peyton Colorado USA - I am interested in the off beaten path of experimental coil building
Snyder Chris Woodstock Georgia USA - first coil powered by 15kV, 30ma NST, working on a pulsed DC coil
Sonderman Ed Spokane Washington USA -
Steineckert Tyler Kaysville Utah USA new coiler and am working on second coil
Stolz Mark Kaysville Utah USA - Currently in process of building first coil which is NST powered. At least two more planned.
Swinson Chris Uttoxeter Staffordshire UK -
Tabbal Travis Layton Utah USA - -
Tandy Michael Berkeley California USA - -
Telford Chris Lancaster - UK -
Tucknott Mike Swindon Wiltshire UK BM2 coil, Secondary:- 4.25 by 22, Powered by a 10kV @ 50 mA OBIT, Max output 28 with OBIT or 67 with a pole pig
Vasiliu Liviu Tasi - Romania low power tesla coils (fed with ignition coils)
Wallace Jason Bucyrus Ohio USA 3 years of coiling experience
Walton Chris Hampton Connecticut USA - currently working on an 8 coil run from a 10kVA pole pig
Watts Vivian Trowbridge Wiltshire UK - Secondary 6 by 20, Powered by a 5kV @ 100mA neon trans, Gap:-sync rotary
Wilson Kevin Panama City Florida USA - -

I can be contacted by writing email to.... me!
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