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As you read before, I'm really into music, both listening, and playing. I listen primarily to Classic Rock (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, etc.) and some new rock/metal (Metallica, Some Godsmack, Alice in Chains, System of a Down, Dream Theater, etc.) So when I play music, it is usually of those genres.
I've played the trumpet in band for, wow, 7 years now, since 5th grade. I actually enjoy playing it. I play trumpet in marching band, concert band, pep band (basketball season), and jazz band. If you care, I think my range is low F# to high C. I know I can play higher than that C, but the C I can usually hit consistantly.
Not much to say here. I like to play the drums at school when I get a chance. I've helped out playing marching snare drum for our drum features, BGs and Crazy. I can also play those on the quads. I will be playing the drums for the Drama Club's next musical, Godspell.
Piano / Keyboard
I got my keyboard about 4 years ago, and just kinda played around with it, until I could understand the notes, and chord formations. It has like 99 songs built in, and the music for them in a book, so I learned a few of those. I played the keyboard for Mystic Rythyms for a little while.

I hook up my keyboard to my computer using 2 MIDI cables, and an adapter on the sound card. This lets me record to the computer what I play, and play back other things I write on the computer, through the keyboard.
My guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica. It has a transparent green finish, with black pickguard, chrome hardware, and 22 frets. There is a single coil pickup in both the neck, and middle positions, and a humbucker in the bridge position. Controls are 5-position pickup selector, volume, and tone. I believe the strings I have on it now are GHS progressives, medium guage. It was about $200, at Mars Music when they were still around.

My amplifier is a BEHRINGER ULTRAROC GX-110. It's 30 watts into a 10" speaker. It has this tube emulation that you can't really turn off, but I think I like it anyways. It's got clean and distorted channels, with independent volume controls, and the distorted has a gain control. EQ: Bass, Mid, Treble. The cool part, is the built in digital effects. It's got reverb, delay, chorus, phaser/flanger, pitch shifter, and (my favorite) speaker emulation (half-stack sound). The bad part is, you can only run one effect at a time. It comes with a Channel and Effect On/Off foot pedal. It also has a wealth of jacks, including headphones(1/4"), ext. speaker(1/4"), aux in (with trimmer)(RCA), aux out(RCA), and an effects loop (Send (1/4") and Return (1/4")). I can turn on the 4x12 cabinet emulator, and mic it with my pissy little computer mic and get a pretty decent sound.

I like to play pretty much all rock, but my favorites are definately Metallica, and the great Led Zeppelin. And anyone who says Led Zeppelin is over rated, really cannot call themselves a fan of music. Stairway to Heaven is the greatest song written, (and based on modern music trends), or that ever will be written.

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