Jonathon Reinhart


English - Tornado

11 I 10 I 02

Hello. Some of you know me; some of you do not. I am nameless, but my birth date is November 10th, 2002. I was born approximately three miles southwest of Fostoria, in the sky near a farmer's market. Some say I move with the sound, speed, and power of a train. Upon my conception, I began gulping water out of nearby ponds, and eating walls and roofs off barns and homes.

Traveling northeast towards the town, I snap power lines like rubber bands, and break off poles like simple matches. Growing nearer to Fostoria, I come upon a fertilizer factory, and look upon it with an evil grin. Like a small child and a house of Lincoln Logs, I could not resist destroying it.

Headed for the middle of town, I stomped my way through the Lindaview addition, crushing everything in my path, without regret. Getting a little tired, I climbed back into the sky for a bit, and beat on the treetops around Vine and Freemont streets. Reaching down a bit, I angrily kicked the chimney off the roof of the hospital, and ripped the roof from St. Wendelin High School. Hovering above Countyline, I continued to pluck trees from the earth, as a gardener harvests carrots. One such tree ruptured a gas line on Summit St., doing dirty work for me.

Moving along, I toppled more trees and sucked up more shingles, as I crossed the city limits. Leaving Fostoria damaged and in the dark, I dropped back to the ground to have some fun with the farms outside town. The airport also happened to be in my way, so why shouldn't have I laid into him a bit, too?